Industrial Internet of Things

Top Industrial IoT Use Cases

By now you’ve probably been wondering what in the world is Industrial IoT used for. Well, today we aim at tackling just that. Let’s get started with the top Industrial IoT uses cases.

  1. Automation

    Image having to do something over and over again. It would be boring and time consuming. Thanks to IIoT in 4.0 manufacturing, we can automate repetitive tasks. But it’s not just about repetitiveness, but the quality of tasks being performed. With the right technology in place you can control cost, you can control wasted material and you can have more precise measurements than any human could possibly achieve. Humans aren’t built to be bogged down with repetitive mundane tasks. Thanks to automating technologies, we can free up workforce to focus on more pressing business matters.

  2. Real Time Analysis

    In a 4.0 Smart factory, machines and computers are connected to each other to form an industrial internet of things network. Through the use of these networks and technologies such as cloud computing. You can have an analyst located in Europe and a factory located in China, France and Vietnam, all being monitored behind a computer desk in Britain. Being able to act fast before production is halted due to some previously unforeseen issue. This is a perfect example of industrial IoT use cases.

  3. Efficiency

    Controlling the amount of raw materials going into production will greatly reduce waste. Were before you may have been over using raw materials, thanks to IIoT networks, you can minimize waste. You can also control the amount of power going into any given machine as well as reduce operating costs.

  4. Cost Effective

    A penny saved is a penny earned! Well that couldn’t hold more true than in todays IIoT manufacturing community. Reducing wasted materials, increasing efficiency, monitoring bottlenecks, automated with precision. These are all ways to reduce overall operating costs, leaving you with a surplus budget at your disposal that you didn’t have before.

  5. Forecasting

    Along with real time analysis, one of the top industrial iot use cases is going to be forecasting. Since all you machines are interconnected and available on the cloud, you can start using machine learning algorithms to find ways to increase efficiency, increase production, reduce waste and overall increase your bottom line.

These are not the only Industrial IoT use cases, but they are among the top to implement into your 4.0 business strategy. Stay tuned for more interesting articles surrounding the magnificent world of 4.0 IIoT in manufacturing.