Industrial Internet of Things

Top 5 Benefits of IIoT in 2019

It’s no surprise the impact technology is having over the last ten years, with no indication of slowing down. Let’s take a look at some of the direct benefits from IIoT in 2019 as we prepare for what lies ahead.

  1. Less Wasted Material

    One of the biggest cost to manufacturers is raw materials. With smart IIoT technology, you can reduce waste by scaling in on inputs and outputs in real time. Thus, allowing you to have more precise control and less variance.

  2. Less Hands On Employees

    With automation being a big player in factories, this mean less employees need to be hands on. This decreases the risk of injury and at the same time allows you to focus your workforce on other areas of your business. While the downsize may mean less employees needed overall, the benefits here may just be worth the trade off.

  3. Increased Efficiency

    Having control from the beginning of the process all the way to the final product. You can reduce wasted electricity, wasted water and wasted raw materials. Running an operation smoothly will help keep cost controlled outside of market variables.

  4. Real time analysis

    With interconnectivity between machines and factories. You can make real time decisions and spot bottlenecks in production. With cloud computing, analyst have near instant access to production data. Through the use of AI and machine learning, you’ll be able to explore options not previously known.

  5. Quality Control

    By monitoring the production process from beginning to end, you can quickly spot where the quality of a product is being affected. Thus, allowing you to make real time adjustment to the quality of your product. Recalls are a nasty thing, but through use of smart 4.0 technology, you can reduce the impact of tainted products by stopping production at the source of the contamination.

I hoped you’ve learned something new about the powerful and awesome benefits of IIoT. Check out our recent article which discusses having a 4.0 business strategy. Please come back for weekly posted articles on IIoT in manufacturing.