Industrial Internet of Things

Do you have a 4.0 Business Strategy for 2019?

Are you prepared for the future of manufacturing in 2019? Ahh, yes! We come a long way from beepers to cell phones, from walkmans to CDs to eventually iPods and iPhones. Technology is ever changing and with that change inevitably comes disruption. Failure to prepare for what lies a head can be devasting. Sure, you can try to adjust, but what happens when the next disrupter enters your industry and your left holding the bag? Don’t be that, here we’ve put together a list check overs to help you develop a winning 4.0 business strategy.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is one of the core components to a 4.0 strategy. Simply put, data is being churned out in massive quantities. You need access to this data in order to make informed decisions. More so, with cloud computing, an analyst working in San Francisco can monitor the live feed to an operation in Atlanta. This is all thanks to the cloud. You do have several options when it comes to cloud computing. AWS and Azure are sure to be the big names. But you could also go with local servers. What ever your choice is, be sure to implement it.

  • Automation

    Automation is important in an effective 4.0 business strategy. This allows more precise control on raw materials, less manual labors are needed with industry specific automated instruments. This reduces cost overall.

  • Data Analysis

    With easy access to real time data, your team can react to changes sooner, rather than later.

  • Technology

    Technology is being produced specifically for the 4.0 industry. Make sure to explore the Technology stack thats available for your market.

  • Manufacturing

    Reducing waste is vital to the environment. By reducing wasted raw materials and dialing in on energy and water consumption. Well, that’s overall better for the environment. With strict EPA guidelines to follow, this is an import strategy for your plan.