Industrial Internet of Things

Examples of Industrial Internet of things in 2019

Technology is impacting manufacturing in huge ways. Here we listed a few examples on leveraging industrial internet of things technology to help your bottom line.

  • Distribution Networks

    Shipping companies around the world such as FedEx and UPS are using some type of industry internet of things technology. By connected distribution centers to trucks on the highway transporting goods to an airport to be lifted flown across the sea. Well, then being punctual is important. By spotting bottlenecks in production or finding efficient routes. These all contribute to a smooth process needed to stay on top of supply demands.

  • Quality Control Solutions

    Dairy plants could be seen as early innovators of IIoT technology. By reducing the amount of wasted raw milk, IIoT allows them to reduce the cost of claims. Milk manufacturers selling point is on parameters such as protein and fat content. By being able to control moisture in the process of pasteurizing milk, this will allow them to control the amount of water being used in production. Thus, allowing dairy plants to hit more specific counts. With inline technology available, most of the process is being handled through a command post somewhere in the factory by a quality control manager.

  • Business Strategy

    In order to stay competitive in this day and age, it is import to leverage data in your favor. By implementing a few simple solutions, you can reduce cost and increase efficiency. We recently wrote a blog post about this called Top 5 Benefits of IIoT in 2019. It’s a short and simple but effective guide to crucial 4.0 business strategies.

  • Cost Analysis

    At the end of the day, any production facility can be summed up into two truths. One is money and two is time. With data available almost as fast as it’s churned out. Many companies are implementing algorithms to help them find hidden opportunities. All this is made possible through the use of cloud computing found in most 4.0 smart factories.

  • Real Time Decision Making

    Nothing is arguably worse than finding out crucial information, after it’s too late. With real time analysis, you can have safeguards in place to prevent manufacturing catastrophes.

These are few but effective industrial internet of things examples. We always strive to provide quality and informative articles. We hope you enjoyed this and come back for more!